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If you are also crazy over white sauce pizzas, then you will agree that the mere thought of melting cheese on a pizza can turn any tomato sauce devotee into a white sauce fanatic in no time. But the interesting about white pizzas is that it is the cheese that makes it tastier and not the pie itself usually a hefty combination of Due Latte, Fontina, and Buffalo Mozzarella.

Every home has a pizza box stashed somewhere. It has become a staple food by most American homes and has saved thousands of dinner would-be disasters. Knowing that you can just dial a pizza for dinner while you are busy is work or while waiting for your kids from schools is a breath of fresh air.

Ask any chef and you will get the same answer the key to making an exceptional pizza is the cheese.

Have you ever asked yourself how your favorite pizza would taste like if there was no cheese? Perhaps something close to tomato sauce on flatbread, yes?

Choosing the right cheese for your pizza is as important as making sure that the oven is heated at the right temperature. So if you want to have a great tasting pizza, use only the best of cheeses.

Fontina – cow

Fontina cheese is an Italian cheese that can be semisoft or firm, depending on where it was made and how long it was aged. It can taste mild or intense, pungent or creamy. It is one popular cheese used for several Italian dishes.

All Fontina cheeses are made only from cow’s milk. The milk has to be raw and fresh. It melts really well without ruining its milky flavor, which is why this is a must-have for every pizza.

Due Latte – cheese from sheep’s milk

Due Latte cheese comes from the south of Alba in Northern Italy. Most of the Due Latte cheese sold in grocery stores today is a blend of cow’s and sheep’s milk.

This type of cheese is not salty or intense but is mild and creamy instead of perfect for pizzas.

Buffalo Mozzarella – buffalo

No cheese will be more appropriate than mozzarella cheese when you talk about pizzas. But not just any mozzarella cheese, but the mozzarella made from buffalo milk. However, not just any mozzarella cheese will make a pizza taste great mozzarella cheese made from buffalo is milkier in taste and has higher moisture content compared to mozzarella from cow’s milk. It is richer and is sweeter than cow mozzarella too!

The Due Latte, Fontina, and Buffalo Mozzarella are the three slices of cheese that you should use in making a pizza. Perhaps they all melt well, or perhaps they have the varying fat content that creates a perfect balance. Either way, the combination of these three slices of cheese on a pizza is just plain heaven.

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