The Best Cooking Tips for Chicken Broth


Chicken broth is a very inexpensive meal to make for your family because with this one meal preparation you’re really making several delicious meals. This first meal will give each member of your family a chicken dinner, with carrots, potatoes, and celery.

For lunch, the next day, cut the beef into bite-size pieces, as well as cutting up the potato along with it, add some chopped onions, and some fresh, chopped Italian parsley and add olive oil, and balsamic or wine vinegar.

A great salad, and delicious! You can make Milanese risotto with some of the broth, or a Risotto with saffron, and you can make a terrific Napoleon soup as well. My grandmother used to make this.

You will find the simple recipe for it within these pages. If you still have broth leftover, and maybe some chicken as well, you can easily make a chicken noodle soup with some sliced carrots for another lunch, or part of a different supper meal.

The broth is a delicious, versatile and economical meal to prepare for your family. The aroma of it simmering in my kitchen brings back many wonderful memories. Simply put, it’s the aroma of home to me. And don’t forget, chicken broth is an aid in treating the common cold.


Chicken thighs, 1-2 per person carrots,

1 per person 1 potato per person,

plus extras for the meat and potato salad I’ll mention below 1 celery stalk per person One center-cut beef shinbone 1 large onion, sliced thin four or five cloves of garlic salt, and pepper to taste.


In a large stockpot add the above ingredients, and fill the pot with water to ¾’s full. Simmer for one hour until chicken and carrots and potatoes are fork-tender. TIPS:

• Remember to use a very large stockpot. If your family size is large or you plan to use the broth, or the potatoes, or the beef for several different meal preparations, be sure to add more than your family will eat in that first meal.

• Beef shin bone has a delicious flavor, and you’ll find it to be economical as well

• If you prefer chicken breasts, that’s fine, skinless drumsticks are recommended so you don’t have added, unwanted fat in your broth.

• Potatoes mashed with carrots and butter is delicious

• When it comes to chicken, my preference has always been dark meat, I’ve read that the difference, as far as the fat content is concerned, is only a trace amount, as long as the skin is removed. If you’ve only consumed white meat, you may be pleasantly surprised that the dark meat of the chicken is more moist and flavorful.

• Generally, I refrigerate the broth overnight before making soups or rice dishes with it. Any fat that has come off the shin bone will congeal on the top of the soup during this refrigeration time. Using a fork, you can easily remove this thickened fat before using the broth.

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