Can NDIS Cover Food Delivery Expenses?


Special conditions prevent otherwise normal people from being able to do tasks they deem easy. Ordering food is a splendid example. That is why most individuals prefer their food delivered to them, even if it requires additional expenses. Can the NDIS help ease this problem?

The Quick, Straight Answer

The NDIS provides supports that seem necessary to your special needs. While you can borrow money from your other supports to fund the food delivery expenses, it could also become a part of your plan. This advantage will not only help you get regular meals delivered right at your doorstep without needing to reimburse from the NDIA every time. It also prevents you from taking funds away from your other supports. Additionally, they allow self-managed and plan-managed members to order from home-delivered meal companies.

Let’s talk about one of the newer NDIS food access services, home-delivered meal companies, and how they work. There are now new home-delivered meal companies like AbleFood, Youfoodz, Sunbasket, etc., and they bring you healthy, well-planned, scheduled meals. Most of them work in tandem with the NDIS and will provide you with an array of meal plans. Furthermore, they remove the guesswork you’ll have to do when ordering from restaurants or other food establishments.

Other Benefits Of NDIS For Food Delivery

What if you wanted to let them do the grocery shopping instead and cook it for yourself? This is especially relevant since COVID-19 took the world by storm. The NDIS can also cover grocery deliveries. Of course, you will be the one to pay for the groceries themselves, but the NDIS will cover the delivery. 

Furthermore, there is a new priority home delivery service that was made available because of the pandemic. You can access this service through a unique code provided to all eligible participants. This priority can help you get deliveries even if delivery services are less available—again, like the COVID Pandemic.

To top it all off, the NDIS also covers food delivery applications as long as they abide by the NDIS guidelines and are included in your plan.

To access this budget, a participant needs to justify the need for meal preparation and meal delivery services. The perfect way to do this is to provide how your conditions or disabilities prevent you from doing simple activities at home, such as preparing your meal. Other attributes that are worth mentioning are allergies, immunodeficiencies, and more.

The NDIS will not cover any items deemed too expensive to be delivered to you. You can also request a support worker to help you prepare your meals at home after having them delivered through the grocery service. This allows people who have specific needs to be sure that their meals are prepared properly.


Meal prep and delivery services proved to be a helpful trend, especially during the COVID-19 threat. The disabled and special needs population, particularly those who live alone, might require such aids to focus more on recovery and other things they want to do in their lives. 

Reach out to NDIS plan management Sydney, if you live in the area or nearby suburbs, for assistance in availing these services and getting the most out of your plan.




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