I’m a vegetarian, so what’s the best cheese for my burger


For a while now, whether you are eating in a fast-food establishment, or a restaurant, burgers are the stars of the show. No one can resist a juicy beef patty with delicious, melted burger cheese that makes the burger even more delicious. However, if you are a vegetarian, you will need to either choose a veggie burger or whatever other option that outlet provides.

While there is nothing wrong with the range of vegetarian options these days, in fact, they are often amazing, can you make every other aspect of the burgers as tasty as a meat burger? and the answer is yes.

Usually, with a veggie burger, the cheese in the burger is usually what can make or break your burger in terms of quality and taste. With the perfect cheese, you can have the perfect burger, even as a vegetarian. So, as a restaurant owner who serves veggie burgers, you might be wondering what’s the best cheese for a veg burger?

Hi-Melt Cheese Slices (American Cheese)

Hi-Melt Cheese Slices AKA American cheese has always been the most popular burger cheese. Whether it’s a veg or non-veg burger, American cheese perfectly melts and blends with the ‘patty’. Veg patties can be on the drier side so with hi-melt cheese slices, you won’t have to serve any customers a dry patty anymore. The ooey-gooey goodness of this cheese will make each bite amazing, and your customers will love it.

Hi-Melt cheese slices come pre-sliced, so you don’t have to worry about over or under serving cheese on your burgers; one slice for one burger patty is enough to make the burger delicious. As the name suggests, it has a very low melting point and creamy texture, perfect for any burger.

Natural Cheddar Slices

If you don’t want to serve processed cheese at your restaurant, then natural cheddar is another great cheese for your veggie burgers. They are the second most popular burger cheese after American cheese.

Made from fresh cow milk, mild cheddar cheese slices give the perfect sharpness to the burger. The strong flavour and soft texture of cheddar will definitely satisfy your customers.

Usually, when you heat cheddar, the fat gets separated, creating a mess. So, instead of aged cheddar, you can use young and moist cheddar. You can either make a slice of cheddar or grate it, both works perfectly fine.

Swiss Cheese

Both natural cheddar and Hi-melt have a sharp taste which might not be suitable for all burger types. So, for those who don’t like that sharp taste, Swiss cheese is the best option in your veggie burgers.

Swiss cheese has a complex flavour; it tastes like caramelized onions which is great for a veg burger. It also gives a nutty twist to your burger so that you can enjoy various flavours in a single burger.

The best cheese for a burger also depends on the quality, no matter which cheese you use if it’s not a high-quality cheese you will ruin your burgers. Make sure when you are serving burgers in your restaurant, that you purchase high-quality cheese from a reputed manufacturer or supplier like Pure Dairy. Pure Dairy have a huge range of high-quality dairy products, including a range of burger cheeses, with guaranteed best quality and taste. Get in touch today.

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