Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Kitchen

Mistakes to Avoid When Designing a New Kitchen

Kitchen improvement is one of the best ways to improve your home’s quality. You need a highly functional kitchen for cooking and preparing food, and also for other functions. Still, most homeowners never realize the seriousness a kitchen improvement project comes with. 

Here are some of the common mistakes to avoid when redesigning your new kitchen. 

  • Underestimating storage needs 

The kitchen is the home to various items ranging from food to utensils and cutlery. Without proper planning for the storage needs, you are likely to end up with a cramp-up kitchen. In the process, avoid the possibility of overcrowding the kitchen. 

Look for ways to make use of all the lower storage space like having a trolley for fruits or some utensils. You should also find a way to place the storage for bulk items on the corner to avoid messing with other regularly used items. 

  • Not factoring in your family needs

Gone are the days when the kitchen was only a place for preparing meals. In the current real estate trends, the kitchen is the space to hold family meetings and even catch up with friends. 

Understand the size of the family to create a space that can accommodate everyone. View Botanical Estate display homes for inspiration on how to plan a family kitchen. Afterward, determine the activities you wish to do in the kitchen and the frequency to help you plan for the furniture. 

  • Skimping on lighting 

The lighting in the kitchen just has to be perfect, no other option. You need more direct and bright light in the kitchen than in the dining room. You need this light to monitor food preparation. However, you can make it adjustable depending on the lighting needs.

Consider installing plinth lighting running along with the cabinet for better kitchen illumination. If you host family meetings in the kitchen then consider the lighting options similar to that of the living room. 

  • Neglecting  a budget

Kitchen designing and renovation is one of the most costly home renovation projects. You need a budget to help you understand the quality of fitting and fixtures. You also have to understand how much of the renovation you are willing to take. Without a budget, you might spend on some items and miss some crucial ones yet already run out of money. You might also find yourself spending more hence impacting the other crucial home needs. 

  • Not planning for rubbish clearance 

Even though it might seem obvious, not everyone plans for rubbish management when designing the kitchen. The kitchen releases a lot of dirt every time it is used. When not well planned for, you will have to deal with spillages and dirt on the floor. Within no time the kitchen will be a smelly mess with pests all over. 

  • Assuming you need a new layout

It is not always that you need a new layout for your kitchen. Most of the existing layout like the windows and ventilations exists for various strategic reasons. Understand them first before considering changing everything. 


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