The Best Vegetarian Burger Recipe


So you ready for your first vegetarian burger recipe, but are still concerned about the fat intake?
Despite the growing trend towards healthy eating, we love such titbits because it is tempting to our taste buds.
So if you relish such foods and can’t go without them, why not add a twist, if possible.

I simply drool over burgers. But at times I hate the frying bit.

In India, they have dishes like Tikki (patties), served with chutney or in combination with other gravies like chickpea gravy.
To make them they use a big cast iron pan (Tava) on which, some oil is put and then the patties are placed and cooked till brown.
I think it’s a great way to cut out extra oil. I have tried this at home for a number of vegetarian burger recipe and it has worked well for me. If you find it interesting you can do the same.


Whenever you make foods like cutlets, patties, hot dog rolls it is important, to try and keep minimum wet ingredients, otherwise, the outer coating of the item tears or gets soggy.
Therefore, a dry steam method is best for cooking ingredients like potatoes. You can place the potatoes in a dry vessel in a pressure cooker with water at the base or tie them in a plastic bag and prick it all over and microwave.
Similarly, if you using fresh steamed beans (kidney etc) strain and set aside so that they are fairly dry while mixing.

Vegetarian Burger Recipe – 1


5 No – Burger buns
½ cup – Oil
½ cup – Potatoes boiled mashed
¼ cup – Corn kernel boiled
¼ cup – Peas boiled
¼ cup – Peppers finely chopped
¼ cup – French Beans finely chopped
¼ cup – Carrots finely chopped
1 No – Onions chopped
1 tsp – Garlic grated or finely chopped
1 tsp – Ginger grated or finely chopped
1 tsp – Green chilies finely chopped
1 tsp – Lemon juice
1 tsp – Seasoned salt
¼ tsp – Pepper powder
¼ tsp – Cumin powder
5 No – Bread crumbs
1 tbsp – Mixed herbs or parsley
3 tbsp – Cornflour
1 tsp – Cayenne pepper


1 cup –  Mayonnaise
5 No – Lettuce leaves
1 No – Tomato thin-slice


Heat oil in a pan and add peppers, french beans, carrots, and onions and toss them for a min or two. Add the sautéed ingredients to the remaining vegetables along with potatoes and seasonings.
Grind the bread crumbs and add them in the vegetable mix with some cornflour to get a firm dough.
If you feel more seasoning is needed increase as per taste or if extra cornflour is needed for binding then add some.
Roll out the dough to make patties.

Heat a heavy-based pan (preferably cast iron) and add 2-3 tbsp of oil.
Place the patties on it and let it cook till brown. Then reverse the side and do the same.
Serve tomato, mayonnaise and lettuce as an accompaniment.

You can choose to add or replace it with vegetables like cauliflower, cabbage, spring greens.
You may adjust the quantity of any vegetable as per your taste.

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