The Barbecue Grilling Thermometer


I got a really nice surprise from my two sons. It is my birthday and they got me an IGrill bbq grilling thermometer. After using it I thought I would write a review. I opened the box and inserted the batteries that came with the device. I turned it on and held the probe to see if it would change temperature, and it did. It’s kinda a guy thing.

The really cool thing is you go to the app store and download the IGrill app to your IPad, iPhone or iPod touch. The iGrill is a wireless Bluetooth cooking thermometer. The app is very inclusive.

As you can tell from the picture. It has a built-in timer. A temperature graph that you can follow when cooking. There is a menu that will let you pick the type of meat you are cooking and select rare medium or well done.

To set it up go to setting on the Ipad or iPhone then General turn on Bluetooth. enable Bluetooth. Turn on the I Grill and wait for the Ipad and IGrill to pair up. Insert the probe in the number one jack closest to the power button.

Hold down all three buttons to clear the factory defaults. A long beep will indicate that the I Grill is on and the memory has been cleared. This only needs to be done once. To turn the IGrll on hold down the power button for 4 seconds.

Once that’s done tap on the IGrill Icon on the Ipad or iPhone. You will see the temperature displayed on the Ipad or iPhone coming to form the I Grill. It has both F and C. It has a 200’ range. When you ready to cook press the + sign and it will display “P1” then the current temp on probe 1.

Press and hold down the + sign until you get the AL1 display. Use the + – buttons to set the alarm temp. Don’t forget to insert the probe into the thickest part of the meat.  Now you can go sit in the lounge chair, hammock or a quick dip in the pool.

The suggested cooking temperatures and times are pretty accurate. I like my steaks medium-rare. The menu for the IGrill was spot on. In the long list of Ipad compatible devices, this has to rank way up there. Mine only came with one probe, so I will be ordering an additional, so I can cook two pieces of meat at the same time.

I have just touched on the high points of the I Grill. Be sure to read the manual.

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