Desserts Can Be Delicious Low Fat and Healthy


Dessert doesn’t have to be the part of the meal that leaves you feeling guilty and unhealthy. You can find healthy dessert recipes that taste incredible.

Fruits and Desserts One of the best ways to create a dessert that will be both flavorful and healthy is to utilize fresh or frozen fruit as much as possible. Many consumers have fruity dessert recipes such as pies or cobblers which call for canned fruit rather than fresh fruit.

Canned fruit is usually preserved in a high fructose corn syrup liquid which can be very unhealthy. By using fresh fruit instead of canned fruit, you can control how much sugar is being added to your recipe.

You can also feature fruit itself as a dessert. Fresh fruit that has been lightly sprinkled with lemon juice and sugar is a delicious dessert for a lunch or brunch party.

You can bake fruits such as apples or pears for a wholesome, nutritious dessert that is still comforting and delicious. Using Whole Grains and Sugar Substitutes If you love cookies, cakes, and pies, your waistline could be at risk of rapidly expanding.

Individuals who love baked goods and can’t imagine serving a dessert that hasn’t been lovingly baked in the oven may need to find ways to make their baked desserts a little healthier. There are several ways to turn your favorite cookie or cake recipes into healthier versions of themselves without sacrificing flavor or texture.

One of the simplest ways to increase the health factor of your favorite baked goods is to substitute whole wheat flour for white flour. White flour is simple, but it has been stripped of all its nutrients in a bleaching and enriching process.

If you substitute whole wheat flour in your dessert recipes, you will be eliminating some of the simple carbs that are transformed immediately into sugar inside your body. You can also substitute real sugar for a sugar alternative in your baked goods.

Often, sugar alternatives are indistinguishable from real sugar if they are used correctly in baked goods. You can find conversion charts for sugar on the packaging of your favorite sugar substitute. These small changes can make your desserts dramatically healthier.

Low Fat Dessert Recipes

Low-fat dessert recipes can be full of flavor and low in calories. With low-fat dessert recipes, you can transform your life and your body. Low Fat Doesn’t Mean Low Flavor If you’ve recognized that your diet contains too much harmful fat, you may be considering making the decision to switch to a low-fat diet.

Reducing your daily fat intake can help to improve your health and your appearance. If you consume more fat than your body needs during the day, this excess fat will end up coating your midriff or your thighs.

The body stores fat for a rainy day, so cutting out some of your fat intakes will help the body tap into those fat stores. However, many consumers mistakenly think that low fat means low flavor.

You can find incredible low-fat dessert recipes that are filled with flavor but are low in fat. Cutting out butter and oils in your desserts is one way to improve the fat content. You can accomplish this by substituting fruit like applesauce in place of the oil in your desserts.

Is Low Fat Enough?

Unfortunately, many consumers think that if they eat only foods that are low in fat, they can eat just about anything else that they want to. This is far from the truth, however. Nutrition scientists are discovering that a diet low in fat can still cause health issues if you are eating high amounts of simple carbohydrates.

For example, a cupful of sugar has no fat at all, but if you were to eat a cupful of sugar every day, you would be doing serious harm to your body in just a few short days. A diet that is low in fat is not enough to dramatically improve your health. In fact, fat is a part of our diet that is necessary for optimum health.

The key to any good diet is a balance of fat, carbohydrates, protein, fresh vegetables, and fresh fruit. You can find information about healthy dieting and information about which desserts you can consume in moderation online. The internet is a great resource for individuals who are striving to get their weight under control.

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