A “Revolving Restaurant” in Zwolle and Art in Apeldoorn


The other day, on the train to Frankfurt, I told a nice Dutch woman about my whimsy with the revolving restaurants. And what should I say? She actually knew one that wasn’t on the Wikipedia list of revolving restaurants. (or is it? Dear Wikipedians, feel free to add it.) And then the restaurant should also be in Zwolle, NL, just two hours away from where we live and you could – so she said – even spend the night in the tower! It goes without saying that I couldn’t resist it, could I? So invited the daughter and off we went.

Here is the information: The Hotel De Koperen Hoogte is housed in an old water tower and above – at a height of approx. 50 m – the French restaurant “La Tour” is spinning. The whole area is conveniently located: just take exit 22 (Nieuwleusen) on the A 28 and you’re there – the tower cannot be overlooked. On the other hand, this means that apart from a crossroads (and arable land) there is hardly anything to see from the tower. A golf course with a helipad at the pond is still there – so if you would like to fly with your own helicopter to play golf and would like to visit a revolving restaurant … ideal for this! So for the view, this revolving restaurant is really not worth it. Plus it’s the slowest I’ve ever visited.

To pour even more water into the wine: the hotel is great for jacuzzi fans. For people like me, who are overwhelmed to choose more than just on / off and warm/cold in a shower, that’s nothing. So many buttons for steam, spray, all-round wellness … I left before I understood all of it. The other furnishing of the rooms was measured against the upper price category – let’s say – “well”, but with imagination, you (woman) could at least feel like a princess in the Kemenate thanks to the round floor plan. The elevator near our room was quite loud, which didn’t bother me much, but more sensitive people should be careful to get a more distant room. We liked the public areas of the hotel quite well: there is a huge aquarium in the lobby, Shops, outdoor elevators, lush flower arrangements…. Not bad Mister Specht!

Now to what really interests you: the kitchen at “La Tour”! It started difficult with the simple question: what do you want to drink? Now…. if we could maybe see the map? No, they don’t have a card. What kind of drinks do you have? Answer: everything. The difficulty now was that we didn’t want to drink alcohol, but not necessarily water. So we asked what juices were on offer. Apple juice, orange juice…. What! So we just ordered a bottle of water and waited for the menu. However, there wasn’t. Aha. There was (as always in “La Tour”) a surprise menu and we were allowed (at least) to choose whether we wanted 3, 4, 5 or 6 courses. If we had taken a closer look at the – unfortunately only Dutch – website. Oh well, we were here and who said it was easy to collect revolving restaurants? After all, there was still a friendly question about special preferences or possible intolerances and I was able to express that I can be enjoyed without meat and our daughter could wish for lactose-free food. The reaction that followed astonished us: a convincing and convincing “gladly, no problem at all!” Ok?!?! Surprise…. And it actually came! We were spoiled with delicacies! I have rarely had vegetarian food prepared in a more imaginative way. Everything, but also everything was arranged with great love and so beautiful to look at that we hardly wanted to start with the respective course. And it tasted so delicious that we would have loved to lick the last of the truffle sauce off the plate. And besides, everything was actually as desired: I had a café cream, my daughter got a sorbet, etc. Overall: a kitchen that is well worth a short trip! And by the way, we got very full of our three courses, because there was also the amuse gueule and an extra dessert from the chef at the table.

On the following day, we took a little art with us according to the motto “if you are already there”. We chose the coda in Apeldoorn because we could just continue on the A 28 / A 50 without a major detour. We experienced the art exhibited there as young and fresh and we particularly liked that you could get very close to every exhibit – no watchers in every corner! If someone should bring more time than we do, a visit to the connected extensive library is (probably) worthwhile.

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