The Winter Party Drinks With Alcohol


Those drinks are great for people that just entered the party and want to get warm quickly. Of course, this drink is for cold days. These wonderful beverages have amazing warming properties. Of course, these inter-party drinks are not only for parties.

We can also prepare it after a hard day full of work or when it is cold outside. We prepared two winter party drinks. One is with alcohol other are without alcohol.

Of course, the basic recipe is with alcohol, but we think about drivers and people who can’t drink alcohol for some reason, but still want to drink it and warm up. I think that preparing winter party drinks like these will give you a lot of fun and you will be surprised how good, creative everyone can become in the kitchen. Winter part drinks with alcohol:

1 Punch November – recipe Components (for 2 cups):

juice of half an orange 3 teaspoons of black leaf tea 3 teaspoons of sugar 2 glasses (50 ml) cherry brandy Preparation: Stream tea in the kettle. Pour brewed into a saucepan, add orange juice, sugar, cherry brandy and heat up for a while (do not cook). Serve hot.

2 Heated cider – recipe Components:

1 can (500 ml) of apple cider 1 slice of orange peel (disputes about 2 × 10 cm) 1 cinnamon stick 1 tablespoon brown sugar 2 cloves 2 slices of apples to decorate Preparation: Cider pour into a saucepan and add cinnamon, sugar, orange peel, and cloves. Warm-up for about 15 minutes on low heat. Take the cinnamon for zest, cloves, pour into glasses and add the apple slice for garnish.

3 Mulled wine with almonds and orange – recipe Components:

2 tablespoons of raisins teaspoon of almond flakes 2 slices of orange 5 cloves approx. 250 ml of red wine (can be Mulled) Preparation: Pour the wine into the pan, put in orange, cloves, almonds, and raisins. Heat but do not boil. Strain and pour into a cup, fruits can be eaten. Winter party drinks without alcohol – mulled

4 Mulled Tea – recipe Components:

1.5 cups of black tea 0.5 cups of cranberry juice thick slice of orange 4 cloves a pinch of ground nutmeg a pinch of cardamom a pinch of ginger 2 teaspoons of your favorite jam Preparation: Begin with your tea – steamed leaves in boiling water for no longer than 5 minutes. Pour it into a pot, add the juice and remaining ingredients except for jam, put on the gas.

Warm-up on low temperature for about 10 minutes, but do not let it boil. Then, pour into glasses and add jam for sweetening. Orange or apricot jams will work great.

5 Non-alcoholic mulled cranberry – recipe Components:

1 cup of cranberry juice 1 tablespoon of raisins 1 slice of ginger with a thickness of approx. 1 cm 4 cloves 1 cinnamon stick 1 slice of lemon Preparation: Put the ingredients in a heavy-bottomed saucepan, heat up for approx. 10-15 minutes, but do not let to boil (heated on a slow fire). Take off the heat, you can strain before serving.

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