The Best Healthy Foods for Diabetics


Powerful diet and nutrition tips for preventing, controlling, and reversing diabetes. Learn how to make better food choices while still enjoying your meals.

While the common ‘wisdom’ is to stay away from all things carb and sugar, that’s just isn’t the case. If you have diabetes you should educate yourself on what you should and should not eat for health sake.

The Diabetes Food Guide is a tool that shows how much you should eat each day from each food group for a healthy diet. You can go by one to help you with your day to day eating habits.

Especially if you need a food guide for planning a balanced diet. A healthful diet provides the nutrients your body needs and decreases your risk for heart problems.

Diabetic Food List

One of the most severe lifestyle diseases of the present-day world. It affects a person who has a high blood sugar, either because of the body’s inefficiency to produce enough insulin or because of the inefficiency of the cells to recognize the produced insulin. I’m going to provide you with a diabetic food list that you can go by for now or in the future.

Milk products like low-fat milk and fat-free yogurt are also considered good to lower the blood sugar levels. Green and leafy vegetables like broccoli, cabbage, spinach, etc., can also keep the blood sugar levels under a check.

Diabetic patients are asked to avoid those food items that are rich in high glucose content. The very first item that comes to the top of this list is rice and it is followed by sweets. The bad news is that what you put into your body played a large role in making you sick.

The good news is that what you put into your body can play a large role in making you well. I always say that because people who have diabetes need to really understand that message to fight that disease called diabetes. I have a few foods that you can eat because they are definitely on the diabetic food list.

Yams and sweet potatoes are on the list because they contain Vitamin A and fiber which is good for the immune system. Berries are on the list as well. Also, citrus fruits, fruit that is packed with the antioxidant vitamin C and fiber, oranges, grapefruits, lemons, and limes make healthy foods for the diabetics list.

Easy Diabetic Recipes 

Diabetes doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating because it’s a lot of delicious meals that you can eat and enjoy even though you have diabetes and are limited to what foods you can eat.

Of course, fruits and vegetables are extremely great for anybody under any circumstances but there some diabetes recipes that you will enjoy. I have some easy diabetic recipes that you may want to try to enjoy so you can enjoy your life as well.

Beet, orange and apple salad-thick wedges of cooked beets, thinly sliced apples and orange sections are dressed with a delicious vinaigrette and spooned onto a bed of shredded beet greens. Other easy diabetic recipes include fruity skewers, seafood gumbo, Grilled Chicken Mojito Sandwich are all the great food.

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